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Monthly Archives: October 2014

There are many fine appliance brands that people can use today when it comes to getting different types of cooking, cleaning or storage needs. Here’s a look at some of the better and more reliable appliance brands for people to explore today.




Frigidaire is a popular brand that has been known for providing different types of stainless steel products for the market to utilize. The company especially works hard with making units that have surfaces that are very easy to clean out on the inside and outside alike.




Bosch is a line that is heralded for having some silent appliances. They are heavily insulated to ensure that they will operate without generating a great deal of noise as they are plugged in or in operation.




Part of what makes Electrolux so popular comes from its European engineering standards. The company uses design and construction standards that are much greater than what is used elsewhere in the United States. This is to ensure that all items to be used are as sturdy as possible while working at any time as needed.




Jenn-Air introduced the concept of self-ventilated machines in the world of appliances. The design of fans in the company’s line of products makes for some easy to use and maintain products that will be rather easy for all to utilize.




Kenmore is a Sears-associated brand that focuses on the development of energy-efficient features with the intention of using less water or energy to prepare items as needed. The company especially works with an extensive variety of digital controls for its many products.




Known for having some of the more durable appliances on the market, Maytag is a Whirlpool-owned brand that focuses on an extensive variety of products that are known to be rather reliable. These products are especially popular for coming in a variety of steel designs that fit into more homes.




Dacor is a company that has placed a strong emphasis on its cooling units in recent years. The refrigerator and other cooling items that the company sells are known to have strong temperature control features that are readily easy for all to work with as needed for all sorts of specific controls one might have to use.




A major benefit of Kitchen-Aid is that a large number of the company’s products are made within the United States. The products include oven ranges that are easily available and functional at any time when some form of help is required in order to get items prepared in as little time as possible.




This is a Bang and Olufsen-associated brand that makes products for the luxury market. The company places a careful emphasis on integration as the appliances made by the company can work alongside a large variety of electrical outlets and connections for the functions people often have a need for.




Thermador has luxury appliances that are less expensive than what is offered by many comparable brands and also focuses on stainless steel units. The company particularly prides itself over its all-in-one units that can mix an oven, crisper, microwave and stovetop all in the same body.