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Poorly vented clothes dryers can increase energy expenses by $18-24 per month for the average household. Increased drying time is a warning of a clogged dryer vent system which can lead to a dryer fire when left unchecked. Other warning signs include the laundry room becoming unusually hot and humid when the dryer is running, the dryer and clothes being hot to the touch after a cycle and the dryer stopping repeatedly before clothes are dry.

Dryer vent installation and maintenance service by the Wizard eliminates a fire hazard, improves dryer performance, increases dryer efficiency and prevents a number of other home hazards including mold and mildew damage and carbon monoxide poisoning with gas dryers. According to the Wizard, all fuel burning appliances, including gas dryers must be properly vented to the outdoors to be safe.
Austin Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard
Austin TX 78739

Dryer Vent Wizard will perform a thorough diagnostic analysis of the entire system from the dryer to the termination at the vent duct then provide the customer with an assessment. Contact the Wizard for a complete dryer vent inspection including airflow analysis and enjoy peace of mind knowing your dryer operates safely and efficiently.