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Certified Aging in Place Specialist works according to his own individual mental picture for Dwellings for Residing, Houses for Life

Aaron Abbott, owner and operator of HandyPro Handyman Service of Dallas, Texas is a bathroom remodeling and home modification service provider with a desire for assisting the retiring and handicapped neighbors enjoy independent existence in their own home. He is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist who is generating a great impact for retired people in his city.

An example of one home modification option which is in great need is bathroom remodeling. While his present niche is walk in tubs, the Dallas handyman can also add a roll in shower unit with an adjustable shower head and very strong grab bars to make it easy to get in and step out of the shower while removing the trip risk associated with a traditional bath tub.

One more popular bathroom remodeling desire is an out swing full therapy bath tub with an adjustable shower head. The doors open out to make getting in easier and also enable emergency exits without needing to wait till the water is completely drained to open the unit.

The lavish bathroom remodeling venture is a converted wet room eliminating almost every problem that involves cleaning the bathroom, incorporating a hanging sink and toilet with mold and mildew resistant flooring and fan ventilation in the ceiling to take out moisture very fast. So, instead of simply installing a walk in tub Dallas Aging in Place Professionals can turn the entire bathroom to a customized shower and floor drain.

HandyPro Handyman Service Dallas bathroom remodeling and home modification specialists work in compliance to the criteria mandated by the American Disability Act, so clients can be ensured their plans are performed with professional workmanship and safety first.

HandyPro Handyman Service delivers budget friendly bathroom remodeling solutions with walk in tubs, roll in showers and a variety of home repair and seasonal maintenance services. HandyPro takes great pride in serving to help the homeowner, business or property manager have minor repairs done properly, in an efficient way, and promises one hundred percent customer satisfaction. Go to to get more information.

About HandyPro Handyman Service:
What’s on your to-do list? HandyPro Handyman Service presents affordable answers to a variety of home fixes involving home modification for seniors, kitchen upgrade, bathroom remodeling, home improvement and home remodeling, maintenance tasks and more. Their latest specialty is home modification, primarily bathroom remodeling with walk in tubs, wheel in showers, ultra-strong grab bars and more, all executed by a Certified Aging in Place Specialist according to the specifications stated by the American Disability Act. HandyPro Handyman Service has operated since 1996 and sustains an impressive rating with the Better Business Bureau. HandyPro Handyman Service has been advertised on Rachel Ray and Fox News.

Gina M. Fazil established her Dryer Vent Wizard Sacramento franchise in August 2006 when she noticed a necessity for improvement in the dryer vent cleaning and public awareness niche.

Dryer Vent Wizard is an expert in in dryer fire protection and “urgent response” dryer and dryer vent routine maintenance, dryer vent repair, installation and upgrade. Service by Dryer Vent Wizard keeps dryers operating effectively to avoid dryer fires and cut down on energy expenses.

Before growing into a Dryer Vent Wizard franchisee, Fazil, former Store Owner in downtown Sacramento traded her store front for a logo-gina uniform to own and operate a Dryer Vent Wizard, Safe Homes, Dry Clothes, franchise in Galt, Folsom, Elk Grove, and nearby cities in the Greater Sacramento area.

When Gina realized she did not want to keep on working in retail sales and was obviously not ready to retire, she investigated franchising. She found the process of Dryer Vent Wizard appealing and having been in sales most of her career she factored in her option to advance public insight about the risk of dryer fires.

“I liked that DVW presented much needed approaches to peoples’ dryer and dryer vent problems which ultimately eliminates dryer fires,” declared Fazil.

According to Fazil, public reply to Dryer Vent Wizard has been affirmative, but a substantial aspect of what she does is teach the customer. “Once users discover their dryer taking more than one cycle to dry a load of laundry, they think it could be mechanical when the real problem is lint collection in the dryer vent causing the dryer to work inefficiently and become susceptible to a dryer fire,” mentioned Fazil.

Increased drying time is merely one warning sign signifying the risk of a dryer fire. Discover more about ways you can make your dryer safer and greener at

Call Dryer Vent Wizard at 888-676-6142 for assistance.

The absolute best stove maintenance tip is to keep it immaculate. Keeping the top of the stove clean is not only important for looks, but safety too. Scouring the stove top is a wearisome chore, so preventative maintenance is the most recommended solution. Below are several useful stove cleaning pointers:

Wipe all spills as quickly as possible and if necessary, clean the stove top prior to using it to prevent food from being cooked onto the surface, making the work more troublesome

Always keep electric and gas burners spic and span. Clean burners reflect heat more effectively so they will function more efficiently. Food and debris on or inside the burner can be a fire hazard.

Shut off electric burners 2 to 3 minutes before cooking is complete to let the remaining heat finish the job.

Work with a pot that fits the burner. The proper size pot or pan will disperse heat more efficiently, and reduced energy will be misused heating the air.

Switch out drip pans whenever they become permanently discolored

Food particles or cooking grease accumulation is a significant fire risk. If ignored, a poorly maintained stove top will be virtually impossible to clean and restore to new condition. Various foods can ruin the surface and cause rust and deterioration. Always keeping it clean is the most effective way to take care of its appearance. For safe and professional oven repair service call Professional Appliance Repair LLC at 504-208-4458.

Professionals who focus on kitchen and bathroom remodeling encourage installing under-mount sinks. Under mount sinks have grown to be very popular because of their innovative, sleek charm and their clean and tidy look. Since they are under the countertop, one can simply wipe crumbs and debris from the countertop directly into the sink, without it becoming trapped under the brim of the sink. The past style sink that involves an application of caulk around it to provide a seal between the sink and countertop collects crumbs and debris and basically starts looking bad with time.


The undermount sink will not work well all countertops. The most ideal countertop for this type of sink is granite, marble or any natural stone or solid surface material. Countertops of laminate or Formica can potentially delaminate and bubble up over time, so an under mount sink is not advised for this type of surface.


There are a number of types of kitchen sinks to go with, featuring single and double bowl. Bathroom sinks provide many possibilities with a range of dimensions, designs and colors available. Kitchen and bath remodeling undertakings are the most costly to complete, so whichever selection you decide on your sink and countertop, you will need to make sure it will remain purposeful and stunning for generations. The undermount sink is an option worth looking at.


This report is furnished by Surface Encounters, the most popular authorities in granite and marble countertops fabrication and installation. With their use of innovative advances for cutting, sculpturing and polishing the stone to brilliance, they produce the finest quality custom countertops for the most affordable price of their competitors.

Do not be so quick to tear down the bike when the motorcycle locksmith is in immediate motion running right to the client to produce a replacement key right now!


The neighborhood locksmith is most often referred when a biker has lost his key. Motorcycle locksmith service is just one of a large range of things on CRS Mobile Locksmith’s menu of service. When the motorcycle key has been misplaced, CRS Mobile Locksmith Service is the one to hire for a prompt resolution.


Rick Shields, operator of CRS Mobile Locksmith Service in Sacramento neighborhoods says “Don’t take apart your bike! Our people will come to your specific location and create new keys on the spot.” CRS motorcycle locksmith service provides key replacement and duplication for almost every make and model of motorcycles, including Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, BMW, Triumph, and most other makes and models.


The local locksmith can also serve when the motorcycle key has is stuck in the ignition. While many locksmith services claim to offer broken key extraction, many of them are without the correct tools to take care of this without creating further harm. This means the client will need to pay more to have their ignition repaired. CRS Mobile Locksmith Service will remove the broken key using specifically designed tools to avoid damage to the ignition, and make a new key on the spot.


For clients who have just acquired a used motorcycle and are not sure they have the only set of keys, CRS Locksmith can rekey the bike The motorcycle locksmith can also provide repair if the ignition sticks or will not function as it should.


CRS Locksmith Service was formed in 2009. The family owned and operated firm takes pride in offering the most trustworthy and sincere service to home and business owners in Sacramento neighborhoods. They provide a plethora of locksmith services for homes and businesses, boats, motorcycles and RV’s.


About CRS Locksmith:

CRS Locksmith Service is certified, bonded and insured, enrolled with the ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America). Area homeowners and entrepreneurs realize they can depend on CRS Locksmith Services for a multitude of support services involving rekeying the house or office, mounting new locks, replacing lost car keys, motorcycle keys, RV and motorhome keys, “laser cut” keys, key programming, ignition repair and even more. The local, mobile locksmith will come to the customer exactly where they are, home, business or wherever they are stranded.


There are many fine appliance brands that people can use today when it comes to getting different types of cooking, cleaning or storage needs. Here’s a look at some of the better and more reliable appliance brands for people to explore today.




Frigidaire is a popular brand that has been known for providing different types of stainless steel products for the market to utilize. The company especially works hard with making units that have surfaces that are very easy to clean out on the inside and outside alike.




Bosch is a line that is heralded for having some silent appliances. They are heavily insulated to ensure that they will operate without generating a great deal of noise as they are plugged in or in operation.




Part of what makes Electrolux so popular comes from its European engineering standards. The company uses design and construction standards that are much greater than what is used elsewhere in the United States. This is to ensure that all items to be used are as sturdy as possible while working at any time as needed.




Jenn-Air introduced the concept of self-ventilated machines in the world of appliances. The design of fans in the company’s line of products makes for some easy to use and maintain products that will be rather easy for all to utilize.




Kenmore is a Sears-associated brand that focuses on the development of energy-efficient features with the intention of using less water or energy to prepare items as needed. The company especially works with an extensive variety of digital controls for its many products.




Known for having some of the more durable appliances on the market, Maytag is a Whirlpool-owned brand that focuses on an extensive variety of products that are known to be rather reliable. These products are especially popular for coming in a variety of steel designs that fit into more homes.




Dacor is a company that has placed a strong emphasis on its cooling units in recent years. The refrigerator and other cooling items that the company sells are known to have strong temperature control features that are readily easy for all to work with as needed for all sorts of specific controls one might have to use.




A major benefit of Kitchen-Aid is that a large number of the company’s products are made within the United States. The products include oven ranges that are easily available and functional at any time when some form of help is required in order to get items prepared in as little time as possible.




This is a Bang and Olufsen-associated brand that makes products for the luxury market. The company places a careful emphasis on integration as the appliances made by the company can work alongside a large variety of electrical outlets and connections for the functions people often have a need for.




Thermador has luxury appliances that are less expensive than what is offered by many comparable brands and also focuses on stainless steel units. The company particularly prides itself over its all-in-one units that can mix an oven, crisper, microwave and stovetop all in the same body.